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When you come to ASA, the price you see a car advertised at is what you pay. There are plenty of dealers out there who will entice you with what looks like a fantastic deal, for you to find that you cannot buy the car at the price advertised because there is an "admin fee", a mandatory warranty, or GAP insurance, or a special coating polish. Before you know it you have paid far more than the price you saw the car advertised, and probably more than you needed to. I have a customer who bought a car from me recently who had been to another dealer and the mandatory “extras” came to £1900!!!

The prices at ASA are what we sell the car for. Any less than a 9-month MOT and we do it again for you, included in the price. Car needs a service? Included in the price. Warranty? Included in the price. RAC check? Included in the price. So, before you whizz off to see the bargains, come and see what you get for your money at ASA. Oh, and another thing, in the unlikely event of a problem, we resolve it, and that's included in the price too!

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